Case study videos

Case study videos

It all starts with a story

We use video to capture authentic and compelling testimonials to support a range of activities.

Case study videos have huge impact in the marketing of products and services – allowing prospective customers to not just hear about but to see the work your organisation has done and the impact that work has had.


Project research


Client liaison


Video shoot


Post production

Project resarch

The most important part of a case study video production is for us to understand the project.

We start by establishing what the project involved, what services have been given and what products have been used, what the clients brief was and how the organisation responded. We work closely with you to understand the message you hope to convey from the video.

Client liaison

Asking clients to appear on camera and to endorse your brand can feel daunting. With years of experience in this kind of production we are always happy to have direct dialogue with all stakeholders in the project.

Our experience means we have the answers to any of your clients questions and are best placed to reassure them about the process.

Video shoot

Lights, camera, action! This is where the magic happens.

Our camera teams will attend your clients location (or anywhere else required) to capture all the footage required. This could be b-roll footage of them using your products, it could be demonstrations of how your services were given with your team interacting with theirs.

Most importantly, this is where we capture the all important interviews endorsing your brand.

Post production

Putting the story together after the video shoot is just as important as the work that comes before it.

Our skilled editors will go through the footage from the shoot and review the research work undertaken to put together a video edit which is engaging, exciting and meets the needs of your campaign.

The final cut will be a professionally produced video with an authentic and natural tone, ensuring that your prospective customers really do believe what they see.

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